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Airway management for burn injury patients and Carbon Monoxide intoxication

AIRWAY MANAGEMENT FOR BURN INJURY PATIENTS Maintain low threshold for intubation and high index of suspicion for airway injurySwelling is rapid and progressive in the first 24 hoursConsider rapid  [...]

Burn Injuries – classification and management

Burn injuries can be classified in 4 categories depending on the factors dcproducing them: Thermal: through direct contact with heat ( flame, scald)Electrical: alternating current A.C. - resident [...]

Frostbite – “Ice Burn”

Frostbite is an injury to body tissue caused by exposure to extreme cold, typically affecting the nose, fingers or toes and often resulting in gangrene. They are a few PREDISPOSING/RISK FACTORS th [...]

Central venous cannulation – how to insert a central venous line

ADVANTAGES OF CENTRAL VENOUS CANNULATION Rapid volume loadingCentral access for vasoconstrictors and parenteral nutritionContinuous central venous pressure monitoring to assess response to treatm [...]

Intraosseous cannulation – how to insert an intraosseous line

Intraosseous cannulation is a quick needle insertion, a relatively safe technique, used to gain rapid vascular access in critical situations. It utilises the marrow space of long bones as a ''non-col [...]

Infant and child basic first aid mainly for breathing problems

0 – 28 days NEONATE 28 days – 1 year INFANT 1 year – puberty CHILD 80 % of paediatric cardiac arrests are due to respiratory (breathing) problems Early recognition and treatment of respi [...]

Abdominal Emergencies

Abdominal pain is a frequent complaint, most difficult to diagnose. It relies greatly on medical history and a physical exam is always necessary. Pathophysiology of abdominal pain Bacteri [...]

Advanced Life Support

Airway management Supplemental oxygenFacial maskSelf inflating bag Simple airway adjuncts: oropharyngeal airway Simple airway adjuncts: nasopharyngeal airway Trachea [...]

Shock and Resuscitation

Definition Resuscitation is the process of reviving a patient from shock. A person is in shock when there is inadequate oxygen delivery to meet metabolic demands which results in global tissue hyp [...]

Trauma in the Emergency Department

In the emergency department the term trauma refers to a physical injury. A major trauma can be generated by: a fall from higher than 3 metresroad traffic collision with a net speed of 30km/hour [...]

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