Urine or pee is not a medicine

| In Articles | 22nd June 2020

In traditional medicine, when lots of illness couldn't be treated, people had the impression that drinking their own urine can be benefic for their body.

urine can't replace medicine as it doesn't have any medicinal properties

Even if medicine evolved a lot in the last decade, this alternative medicine didn't completely disappear and it can still be found in the culture of some type of people as an ultimate solution to escape from incurable diseases, when nothing else can help.

What is urine

Urine is a liquid formed from the excess water found in humans and animals and it has the role to transport and eliminate unwanted substances, from the blood, filtered by kidneys. It has a high quantity of salt and nitrogen compounds such as urea.

Even if is coming out of our bodies and is considered part of us, this liquid can be better than anything else only if you are in a place where you know the water contains potentially deadly bacteria.

Medicine proved that urine is toxic

Returning toxins into our bodies by drinking our own urine will not do anything good. These toxins will get into our blood and later on, will reach our kidneys which will work harder to eliminate them again.

Urine might still be useful

Some explorers, in extreme life conditions, used urine to flush wounds because they didn't have enough water or they had none at all. Urine is considered as an acceptable medicine alternative for such cases only if used fresh, immediately after being produced, because it has bacteria that in heat will breed very fast.

Urine can also be a short term solution for dehydration if you find yourself on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no drinking water left, because its biggest component is water, found in excess in our bodies. Even if urine will not be something good for your health in case of an emergency it will keep you alive for a longer period of time, giving you more chances to be saved.

The consumption of urine for different reasons is named as Urophagia.

Animal urine in drinks

Despite so many myths, there is no urine extract such as taurine, used in energy drinks. Taurine is an amino acid widely distributed in animal tissues and organs, like bile, large intestine, and is considered to be up to 0.1% of the total human body weight.